Pentagon lockdown: Pentagon lockdown: US Department of Defense Pentagon locked after gunfire heard outside

Containment has been imposed on the Pentagon, the building of the US Department of Defense. No one is allowed to go out. There are reports that gunshots were heard at a nearby transit center. Some reports also claimed that at least two people were injured. It is reported that the attacker is still active. The incident created tensions in the area and people were urged to stay away.

According to the CNN report, this incident happened on the metro bus platform. It’s a grand entrance to the Pentagon, where thousands of people come from. Chris Lehman, spokesperson for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, said the area was not safe and people should stay away. However, he did not confirm the shooting and did not confirm any injuries.

The Associated Press news agency quoted the Arlington County Fire Department as saying several people were injured outside of the U.S. Army headquarters. The agency’s journalists overheard police talking about “shooters” but the dismissal has not been officially confirmed.

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