People infected with the British strain arrived in Barajas with negative PCR

Updated: Saturday, December 26, 2020 8:26 PM

Published on: 12/26/2020 19:28

The four people who were detected the new strain of COVID-19 arrived in Madrid with a negative PCR. This was confirmed by sources from the regional executive to “El Plural”, information subsequent to Ayuso’s attack on the central government.

The president of the Community of Madrid denounced the “irresponsibility” of the government in its management of Madrid Barajas airport, calling it a “strainer of contagions”.

In this sense, Ayuso called for more tests to be carried out and criticized the government for being “inactive”. “I want to denounce the irresponsibility of Pedro Sánchez and his government, which for months has allowed Barajas airport to become a drain,” he said. For her, there is not enough control at the airport: “We do not act seriously”, she criticized.

For his part, the government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, responded to the president of the Community of Madrid, asking him to stop “dividing and teasing” with his unfounded criticism of the lack of control at Barajas airport. and Instead, act with “institutional loyalty”.

The cases identified by the Community of Madrid concern four people, in addition to three others who are suspicious and who are being monitored. Patient zero is a young man who is said to have infected his family.

On December 23, Public Health sent an alert to all health centers in the region on the suspicion that the new British strain would already be in the Community of Madrid. It should be noted that none of the four cases detected is serious. The day before, Tuesday 22, Spain had suspended flights with the United Kingdom, except for nationals and residents and had already tightened the control of PARs on travelers.

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