People recovering from corona can also spread infection, say British scientists – Kovid develops immunity for 19 to five months, but risk remains intact

British scientists have claimed that patients who recover from the corona virus can also spread the infection to others. The results of an official study released in the UK on Thursday said the previously reported Kovid-19 infection confers immunity for at least five months. During this time, that person will no longer be infected, but by coming into contact with them, other people can become infected with the corona.

Immunity persists in the body for five months
An analysis from Public Health England (PHE) showed that the immune system that develops naturally after infection offers 83% protection against re-infection compared to those who have never had the disease before. According to the results of the study, he remains immune for at least five months after his first infection.

Corrected people can also spread corona
However, experts have warned that people who have developed immunity can also carry the virus in their nose or throat, and others are at risk of infection. Professor Susanne Hopkins, Senior Medical Advisor at PHE, said this study has given us the clearest picture of the nature of antibody protection against Kovid-19 so far, but at this point it’s important that people do not misinterpret these initial results. .

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Antibody formation increases protection against infections
Susan Hopkins said we now know that people who have had infections and have formed antibodies are most often protected against reinfection, but do not yet know how long this protection has been received. We believe that people can spread the virus even after getting it directly from the infection.

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