People vaccinated against Covid-19 meet without a mask: US CDC allows fully vaccinated people to meet without a mask in new guidelines

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The US CDC has said people who have been covered by the Kovid vaccine must wear masks in public places. Those who have received a full dose of the Kovid vaccine can assemble in an enclosed area without a mask.
Vaccination work began in most countries around the world suffering from the corona virus a year ago. Many of these countries are fast and many countries are vaccinating the Kovid vaccine at a very slow rate. After vaccination, people in many countries believe they are freed from masks. Meanwhile, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a new mask guideline.

People with vaccines wearing masks in public places
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said those vaccinated can benefit from programs where there are fewer people. However, even after receiving the vaccine, they must wear masks in public places and obey the law on social distancing. The CDC said people who had been fully vaccinated could congregate in an enclosed area without applying masks.

Vaccinated people can assemble in a closed room without a mask
However, the CDC has stipulated that everyone who congregates there should receive a full dose of the corona vaccine. At least 15 days must also be completed after vaccination. Only then can these people have some leeway with the conditions of the mask. It is also said that you can meet people from the same family without getting the vaccine, but these should be people who are less likely to be exposed to severe Kovid-19.

Stay away from crowded places, don’t travel unnecessarily
He advised those vaccinated to continue to wear masks in public places, avoid attending crowded events and stay away from others. The CDC also advised not to travel unless it is more important, and also not to go to restaurants, in other places.

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