People vaccinated in Seychelles test positive: most vaccinated country in the world doubles corona cases in Seychelles, WHO survey – 19 cases of covid double in world, most vaccinated nation, Seychelles examining data

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Coronas case doubles in Seychelles, world’s largest Corona vaccine. These chilling numbers from Seychelles have raised concerns about Corona virus vaccination. Meanwhile, the WHO said it was examining the numbers for Corona from Seychelles in Victoria.
In Seychelles, the largest African country applying the corona vaccine in the world, the number of corona virus cases suddenly doubled in the week that ended on May 7. These chilling statistics from Seychelles have raised concerns about whether Kovid-19 vaccines are not helpful in preventing the ravages of the corona virus in some parts of the world. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO), which is under stress, said it was examining the numbers for the Corona virus in Seychelles.

Earlier, the Seychelles health ministry said that a third of those infected with corona last week had been fully vaccinated in their country. Seychelles has the highest corona vaccine to population ratio compared to other regions of the world. Meanwhile, the WHO has said failure of a corona vaccine cannot be categorized as failure without a full review. The world organization said it was reviewing the situation.

Introduction of Chinese cyanoform vaccine and anti-covicillate vaccine made in India
Kate O’Brien, director of the WHO’s immune department, said on Monday that her organization was in direct contact with the government of Seychelles. He said that during the full examination, the strain of the virus and the severity of the cases should also be kept in mind. Seychelles’ health ministry said on Monday that the number of active corona cases in the country rose to 2,486 last week.

The health ministry said 37% of those 2,486 people had received two doses of the corona virus vaccine. Not only that, cases of the corona virus are also increasing continuously in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles has so far applied 57% of the Chinese cyanoform and the rest to the Oxford corona coviculate vaccine made in India.

“ No one dies under the grip of the crown ”
However, the good thing about this frightening figure is that no one who took the corona vaccine died under the grip of the crown. The Seychelles health ministry and the WHO have both insisted that people who become critical are all unvaccinated people. Explain that India has donated 50,000 coronavirus vaccines to Seychelles.

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