People vaccinated outside Europe will be able to come to Spain from May 20

Updated: Wednesday, May 12, 2021 1:34 PM

Published on: 12.05.2021 13:33

Summer is already in sight. Proof of this is the traditional presentation of the Ministry of the Tourism Campaign. In this presentation, Minister Reyes Maroto announced that people vaccinated outside Europe will be able to come to our country from May 20. This is the most immediate measure to boost the summer tourist campaign.

The minister explains that Spain is ready to open, so that “trips to Spain are planned” For this, she highlights the tools that are in place to improve security and also asks the European Union for agility in the procedures. This indicates that they want to launch the green digital certificate as soon as possible, which should be ready by June. In addition, the recommendations will be revised, with “certainty of safety”, for travel outside the EU. He also insists that people vaccinated in Latin America and the Asian market will be able to come to Spain from May 20. Both “markets are very important to our country”. “Spain is ready to open up to the world,” says Maroto.

UK ‘unsafe’ destination

In the case of the United Kingdom, which excludes Spain from the list of safe countries to travel, the Minister of Industry and Tourism explains that there is a dialogue with London and dates set to review these recommendations. And he hopes that from May 20, the British will also be able to come to Spain without a PCR. “Spain is still in orange (at the traffic light that enforces travel restrictions),” says Maroto, adding that “if we can’t get the UK to look at us territorially, we need to reduce the average incidence national “.

Thus, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs did today, he refers to the epidemiological data of the Community of Madrid and to the Ayuso campaign in the 4M. Precisely this morning, during the monitoring session in Congress, Laya defended that the “freedom” proclaimed by Ayuso had prompted the United Kingdom not to see Spain as a safe destination. Right now, any Briton who visits Spain faces a RAP and a ten-day quarantine on their return to the country, which does not encourage these tourists.

Safety, trust and quality

Maroto also recalls, referring to plans for other major European tourist destinations, that “we are not in a race to see who opens first. We have to provide elements of security and confidence for them to come.” And it is that for the government “security, confidence and quality” are the keys to the resumption of tourism. “Spain is a vacancy” repeatedly insisted Minister Maroto, who also recalled that with the end of the state of alert, national mobility has been reopened and that now the emphasis is on international travel. “Confidence will be fundamental and people will acquire it when they come to Spain and enjoy a unique experience.”

Security and confidence for which advances in immunization will also be essential. Thus, the Minister is optimistic about the “good pace” of Spain and even hopes that if it continues like this, the target of 70% of people vaccinated will be reached sooner than expected.

“You have to take risks”, concluded Minister Maroto and also justified that all decisions are based on the recommendations of epidemiological experts.

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