“People who really feel what we do, act with enthusiasm, wanting to contribute to society”


Itxaso Larraaga (SEUR), ‘The Most Influential of Human Resources, in Pause Café:’ People who really feel what we do, act with enthusiasm, wanting to contribute to society “

This week at ‘Coffee Break’, we met exclusively Itxaso Larraaga, Director of People and CSR at SEUR, after being recognized as ‘The Most Influential in Human Resources’ of 2021, followed by Raquel Gil (Sanitas Seguros ) and Joaqun Bau (BMW Ibrica). Don’t miss the last “Coffee Break” of the season!

BY RRHHDigital, 01:30 – 01 July 2021

Last Wednesday, June 23, was held the gala of “The + Influencers of human resources” and, this week, for the television program “Coffee break”, we had the pleasure of meeting exclusively Itxaso Larraaga, director of people and CSR of SEUR, recognized as the professional recognized as the most influential in Human Resources of 2021. “This is the first recognition that I have in my life and I imagine that all this is the result of a long story and I thank everyone who voted for me for believing in me and what I represented in HR “, he said. Itxaso Larraaga was the leader of the people who got the most votes in this seventh edition, ranking in first place, ahead of Raquel Gil, director of human resources of Sanitas Seguros, and Joaqun Bau, director of human resources of BMW Ibrica, and, no doubt, the credit goes to him. his team and his vocation and his passion for the s human resources. “People who really feel what we do, it is obvious that we do it with different affection and enthusiasm, wanting to contribute to society. This life has to leave a mark and that is the goal. I am passionate about it. HR and what I want is that, to leave this little trace “. And, he adds, “We’re here because of our effort, because of our passion, and because we’re worth it.

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