People with a full immunization schedule will not have to be quarantined for close contact

Posted: Tuesday June 22 2021 11:41 PM

People on the full coronavirus vaccination schedule who have been in close contact with a positive case will not need to be quarantined. This was agreed on Tuesday by the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities.

These are some of the novelties envisaged in the latest update of the “Strategy for the early detection, surveillance and control of COVID-19” approved this Tuesday by the Public Health Commission.

Thus, now, immunized people who have had close contact with a positive for COVID-19 must undergo PCR at the beginning and another seven days after the last contact with the infected person and must avoid interacting with vulnerable people and not vaccinated.

In addition, it is recommended that these close contacts wear a mask in their social interactions, avoid attending mass events, and watch for the possible appearance of symptoms compatible with the coronavirus.

Updating of the vaccination strategy

At Tuesday’s meeting, Health and the Autonomous Communities also updated the ‘COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy in Spain’, which includes the vaccination of pregnant and lactating women with messenger RNA vaccines – such as Pfizer and Moderna – when it matches according to their priority group and at any time during pregnancy.

An update that comes with nearly 50% of the population already with at least one dose of the vaccine and around 15 million citizens immunized, a goal that was supposed to be reached last week but was however not met.

The new vaccination strategy also allows vaccination of the already approved age groups 30-39 years, 20-29 years and 12-19 years. In addition, he determines that the different groups can overlap, keeping the order of decreasing age, for reasons of organization and feasibility.

The Commission has also introduced innovations in screening studies so that they are carried out only in certain situations and always under the recommendation of the public health authorities: it insists on the fact that they must be very targeted and linked to a high transmission in the geographical area or in the target population, and which should be developed for the purpose of a public health intervention, depending on the results.

In addition, during the meeting, several reference documents relating to the prevention and control of the coronavirus in farms that will hire temporary staff and in schools were analyzed, as well as the update for the prevention services. occupational risks in the face of the pandemic.

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