Pepsi and Microsoft team up in search of the perfect Cheetos

The world is changing and sometimes to strange places. We have talked about countless Microsoft deals with big companies, but sometimes they get overcome with some of these deals. This time around, Pepsico and Microsoft will use artificial intelligence to improve Cheetos. We won’t question the use of AI for such work, but it is shocking.

Pepsico and Microsoft in search of perfection Cheetos

From their crunchy texture to their famous powder that turns our fingers into orange, Cheetos are a popular and tasty snack. Until now, we all thought it was relatively hit and miss. But they are in fact the result of complex production and planning. A new blog post from Microsoft describes how its Bonsai Project is being used by PepsiCo to produce Cheetos. The AI ​​powered by the Bonsai project has already been tested in a pilot plant and could soon be used in other production areas.

PepsiCo and Microsoft have worked together to develop an AI that can recommend adjustments to the machines used to produce the Cheetos. The system has produced results that PepsiCo is satisfied with.

“The project brought together a blend of technology, applied modeling skills and subject matter expertise to create innovation in the plant,” said Dylan Dias, CEO of Neal Analytics. Cheetos are made on a machine called an extruder. Typically, people manually check Cheetos to see if any adjustments need to be made to the extruder. With Project Bonsai, the production line can be monitored “almost continuously”. Then be able to recommend changes. An operator can then approve the changes or the system can be configured to make changes automatically.

The first results of the pilot tests indicate that the Bonsai project is doing a good job of adjusting the extruder to maintain consistency and quality.

The ultimate goal of this AI solution is to operate autonomously. As described by Microsoft, “By allowing you to monitor the product and adjust the extruder line continuously and independently, the company hopes to consistently maintain Cheetos quality and produce more performance.”

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