Pepsico celebrates its first virtual volunteering

PepsiCo has just celebrated its first virtual volunteer service to continue supporting Educo and its “Becas Comedor” program during these pandemic months, so that the most vulnerable children are guaranteed at least one full meal per day. The volunteering, called “Spain’s Most Vulnerable Childhood – PepsiCo’s Commitment”, was part of the PepsiCo Foundation’s “Millions of Meals” program and was attended by more than 140 employees between offices and offices. factories located in Spain.

The session was chaired by Macarena Cspedes, Director of Educo Espaa, who highlighted, among other topics, the challenges arising from the Covid-19 crisis for the population at risk of poverty. In this sense, Cspedes said: “Since our collaboration with PepsiCo began seven years ago, your donations have had a very significant impact which has enabled us to help our users in a very positive way, especially during this pandemic. which lasted almost a year. . “.

On the PepsiCo side, Marta Puyuelo, Director of Institutional Relations and Communication, accompanied the session, which highlighted the special relationship that unites PepsiCo to Educo since its creation. Which is ours, and also because it directly affects the most vulnerable population, boys and girls. Being a local program, it also gives us the opportunity to help families in our country, one of PepsiCo’s priorities in Spain ”. PepsiCo’s vision is to use experience to help build a sustainable food system, always taking into account the economic and social development of the communities where we operate.

Over 240,000 meals in seven years of collaboration

The PepsiCo Foundation and company employees in Spain have been collaborating with Educo since 2014 through solidarity campaigns that start at Christmas and continue throughout the year, through which employees purchase PepsiCo items through the site. Educo Web. Thanks to all the campaigns, more than 580,000 euros have been allocated, which is equivalent to 240,000 complete and balanced meals.

In this latest campaign, employees could choose between an apron and packages of placemats and napkins. For the purchase of each pack, each employee contributed at least six meals for the Comedor scholarship program. The items were sustainably manufactured by Circoolar Ethical Workwear, a company specializing in ethical and environmentally friendly workwear, which produced these products for PepsiCo from 100% recycled materials. For example, 30 recycled bottles were used for the production of the standard kits which include an apron, two placemats and two napkins, which means 75% less emissions, 70% less energy and 86% less water.

In addition, PepsiCo turned to helping the most vulnerable groups during the First Wave crisis to mitigate the consequences of Covid-19 among the most vulnerable groups, allocating $ 1 million, 500,000 to Educo and the other 500,000 to the Spanish Red Cross ‘Red Cross Responds’ program. In addition to this essential support, PepsiCo has contributed with donations of products such as gazpachos, fruit juices, cereals, nuts and drinks for children. frontline healthcare professionals, emergency workers and volunteers, as well as the food banks we work with on a regular basis.

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