Pere Aragonès asks Pedro Sánchez “for courage and bravery” and insists on the amnesty and self-determination of Catalonia

Posted: Saturday June 05, 2021 2:13 PM

After the telephone interview that Pedro Sánchez and Pere Aragonès had this Friday, thus laying the first stone to resume the dialogue between the Government and the Government, the President of the Generalitat underlined this Saturday that “a stage of dialogue and negotiation, and face the conflict with courage on the part of the courts ”. As he assured it, this courage passes through a negotiation table at which they have fixed dates and objectives: “The beginning of the defense of amnesty and self-determination will arrive in June at La Moncloa.

In statements to the press after visiting the interpretation center of the pond of Ivars and Vila-Sana (Lérida), Aragonès stressed that “it is important to place the political conflict in a space of political resolution. Although he warned that the solution would not be. to arrive “in two days”. “It will take a lot of effort. The best way to deal with it is to rely on a broad consensus of the Catalan public,” added the Catalan president at the dialogue table. Aragonès stressed that the positions of both parties “are clear”: “We defend that the solution to this conflict is the exercise of the right to self-determination with a referendum on the independence of Catalonia, and on the other hand l ‘amnesty. ”

Regarding pardons to the politicians on trial, Aragonès reiterated that the “comprehensive solution” involves an amnesty, although they will not oppose “any decision that alleviates the pain suffered by the prisoners”. “Our proposal is amnesty. If the government is to make a decision that will alleviate the pain that prison entails, let it take it, as soon as possible, and let it be the fairest decision possible,” he riveted.

Salvador Illa, favorable to possible pardons

However, neither the president of the PSOE, Cristina Narbona, nor the Minister of Transition, Teresa Ribera, mentioned the Catalan question in their actions this Saturday. Who did it was Salvador Illa this Friday at Más Vale Tarde. The current leader of the opposition in Catalonia was in favor of possible pardons and asked for a dialogue to turn the page and achieve a reunion: “These ten years have been bad; let us return to the search for a consensus with the Catalan society, “he said. Additionally, Illa asked the PP to recall how the PSOE acted in 2017 with the DUI. “I don’t see this same loyalty in the People’s Party,” he said.

The PP collects signatures to prevent possible pardons

Meanwhile, from the PP, they continue to collect signatures to prevent possible pardons. Specifically, the deputy secretary for social policy of the Popular Party, Ana Pastor, who visited the table that the PP set up in Pontevedra to collect signatures against these pardons, indicated that the said changes “will be of no use” if this they intend to divert the attention of the media “from what the Spaniards think”.

The popular leader insisted that the pardons she plans to grant the government constitute a “contempt” against the Constitution and what “the Supreme Court has said”, namely that this pardon “is not appropriate” when these people “don’t repent and They say they would do it again.” “All of them have violated the law, the constitution and the most important thing we have, the Spaniards, which is the unity of our nation,” said Ana Pastor.

The Popular Party considers, according to Pastor, that Pedro Sánchez “is doing a kind of indulgence” to remain in power, since the politicians who will be pardoned “belong to the parties which support the government”. “It is scandalous what Sánchez wants to do to stay in power”, underlined the assistant secretary for social policy of the PP, who assures that this question “is above parties and ideologies”.

Cs speaks of an “attack” on democracy

Ciudadanos, meanwhile, speaks of an “attack” on democracy. “Pedro Sánchez, as president of the Spanish government, must say to Aragonès ‘Constitution and respect for the law’, because it is not enough to say the agenda of the reunion, because this agenda of the reunion can be the reunion with the blow brought to democracy, “Edmundo Bal said in this regard.

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