Pere Aragonès officially receives the nine pardoned of the trial at the Palau de la Generalitat

Updated: Monday June 28, 2021 21:51

Posted: 06.28.2021 21:50

The nine convicted and pardoned from the trial returned to the Generalitat of Catalonia where they took part in an act in which they bet on the end of the “repression”, for a referendum on self-determination and for independence.

ERC leader Oriol Junqueras asserted that Catalonia’s independence “is not only a right”, but “it is also a duty” for his party, and defended the amnesty, in addition to having warned against the Court of Auditors that “No democracy should allow children of reprisals to be left homeless” if they are seized.

“We have gone through very difficult circumstances,” he said, “but we face many forms of repression, and although ours was a little more striking because we were in prison, the repression was occurring. is also seized by many other comrades “. “We have the right – he said – to live without repression and without fear of what it represents” and recalled that court cases are not only before the Supreme Court, “but also before the courts 13 and 18, at the TSJC and also at the Court of Auditors “.

Regarding the latter, he warned: “When our houses are seized, they will not only act against us, but also against our families” and on this point he stressed that “no democracy should allow children to retaliate. stay homeless. “.

For his part, Aragonès transferred all his “gratitude and admiration” to the nine condemned for their “commitment” in favor of “democracy and freedom” in Catalonia, and that the public can decide “freely and democratically” about it. future of this community. “You have given everything so that Catalonia decides its future by means of a self-determination referendum,” he added.

According to him, what they did on October 1, 2017 was “honest and noble”, which is why they entered prison convinced of being “victims” of an “injustice” and they leave with “all peace of mind. “from someone who” doesn’t have to apologize for anything. ” Likewise, he stressed that today nothing is finished, but that what corresponds to them is to “persevere” until “repression ceases altogether”.

In this sense, he stressed that they will continue to persist in making amnesty and self-determination “inevitable”, because the independence leaders, in their opinion, deserve to be recognized that they have not committed ” no crime ”, recover all their political rights and that the“ exiles ”can return to Catalonia without“ fear of being persecuted by the courts ”.

In this regard, he referred to the empty chairs that correspond to Carles Puigdemont, Lluís Puig, Toni Comín, Clara Ponsatí, Anna Gabriel and Marta Rovira and wished to receive them at the Generalitat “very soon”.


For her part, the former president of the Catalan Parliament Carme Forcadell stressed that neither the joy nor the happiness they feel is “complete” because “we are not all there”, since there are “exiles. “who cannot return home and” a lot of retaliation “. For this reason, he promised to work “more than ever” to achieve “the end of the repression”.

Likewise, Forcadell has chosen to live today as “one more step” on his path towards “the end of repression, self-determination and towards that just, united and feminist republic that we want”. Once the act was passed, the nine political leaders pardoned by the central government went to the Catalan Parliament to continue this act of homage after their release from prison.

For her part, the President of the Catalan Parliament, Laura Borràs, expressed her satisfaction to see the “free” independence leaders and assured that this institution is where the “political conflict” must be resolved and not in prisons. In turn, he stressed that “no court” made them “give up their ideas”.

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