Perim Island Air Base Country: Who Is Behind The Mysterious Yemen Air Base Perim Island: Find Out Which Country Behind The Air Base Under Construction On Perim Island In Yemen

Perim Island is located just 3.5 kilometers from the mainland of Yemen. He is also known as Mayyun in Arabic language. The island is famous around the world for its important strategic position. An air base is being built on this island located in the middle of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. The importance of defense experts is the subject of much discussion as to its importance.

Why is this island so important?
In fact, whenever the island is occupied on this island, it can stop the export of crude oil from the Gulf countries to the whole world. Not only that, this country can stop the Suez Canal trade in an instant. This can affect the trade of essential commodities all over the world. Not only that, the entire oil-dependent world of the Gulf countries could face a fuel shortage.
Arab forces freed from Houthi rebels
The island came under occupation by Houthi rebels from Yemen in 2015, but was recaptured by Arab Gulf forces supporting the government of Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi. The Arab Gulf Forces are made up of armies from several countries led by Saudi Arabia. However, no country has openly accepted the construction of the air base on the island.

Suspected of building an air base over the UAE
The Associate Press quoted intelligence officials as saying the air base was being built by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Satellite photographs from Planet Labs Inc. in late February 2021 showed that a 1.8-kilometer runway was being built on the island. AP photographs showed that by May 18, much of the work at that air base was completed. Three hangers have been built in the southerly direction of this runway, where the ships will be stationed.

Construction started in 2016
Construction of Perim Air Base began in 2016. Soon after, he was captured by Huti rebels. When the island fell under the occupation of Arab forces again, work on the reconstruction of the air base began, but due to the geographical location of the project, the project was again halted. Even then, he was seen connecting with the UAE. Anonymous Yemeni officials in the Hadi government say the UAE is building the trail.
Negotiations continue on island in Yemen and United Arab Emirates
Anonymous officials associated with the Yemeni military reported that in recent weeks the UAE had transported troops, equipment and weapons to Perim. In 2019, the UAE withdrew its troops stationed in Yemen. These soldiers along with Saudi Arabia were waging the war against the Houthi rebels. Military officials also reported that Hadi, the leader of the United Arab Emirates and Yemen, had recently been in talks to demand the signing of a lease agreement for Perim for 20 years.

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