Perseid meteor shower 2021: How to watch the Perseid meteor shower, all you want to know

If you’ve been out of the house at night for a month or two, definitely look at the sky. You can see the rain of stars from the sky. In fact, the Perseid meteor shower will start from July 14. Meanwhile, by August 24, small pieces of meteorites from the sky will enter Earth’s atmosphere. These pieces, made of dust, stones and ice, will turn into fireballs due to the friction of the atmosphere. These pieces will be so small that they will burn in the air before they fall to the earth, but their glowing light will definitely catch people’s attention.

When and where is it happening?
The Perseid meteor shower occurs every summer for about a month. The Perseid meteor shower in 2021 will last from July 14 to August 24, but peak between August 11 and August 14. Normally the best time to see this view is before dawn. Since the Moon will only be 13% full during this time, the meteorite’s light should be visible enough.
Why is Perseid special?
The Perseids are not an asteroid but a meteorite emanating from the comet, Comet Swift Tuttle. These special meteorites are like very bright fireballs. They are therefore easy to see. For this, lie on the ceiling in the light of the moon at night and let the eyes get used to the dark for about half an hour. The meteorite can be difficult to see from the surrounding light.

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What is the difference between a meteor shower and a normal rain?
Meteor showers occur when the myriad of tiny remains of comets and asteroids collide in Earth’s atmosphere. These pieces of dust, ice and rock enter our atmosphere very quickly. Because of this, because of the friction in them, the fire breaks out. Their number is very high. This is why they are called meteor showers. Meteor showers only occur at a certain time each year. A normal downpour occurs when a particular meteor emits light as it enters Earth’s atmosphere. There is no fixed time for this event.

Why do meteor showers appear at certain times each year?
Meteorites are fragments that enter the atmosphere at speeds of up to 148,000 miles per hour. Due to the friction with the Earth’s atmosphere, these bodies made of ice, steam and rock seem to leave a trail of light. The main reason for their birth is to pass through the path of a large comet from the earth. These comets passed a long time ago, leaving small pieces behind. When the earth passes this path, due to gravity, these pieces start to burn as soon as they enter the atmosphere. Thus, each year, this shower of stars appears on a fixed date.

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