Perseverance Rover Mars driving sounds: NASA perseverance rover walks on Mars, first hears the sound of driving red planet – NASA perseverance rover records the sounds of driving on Mars Watch the video

The Perseverance Rover of the US space agency NASA, engaged in the search for life on Mars, has begun to walk on the rocky surface of the Red Planet. This state-of-the-art NASA probe has now sent audio to drive to Mars for the first time. In the 16-minute audio released by the space agency on Wednesday, a clear sound is heard from the rover’s wheels moving across the surface of Mars.

The sound of the rover is not very pleasant and the squealing is heard in the middle of the recording. Indeed, he roared and turned around as the rover walked inside Jagero Crater. For this reason, a squealing noise was heard during recording. Indian-born NASA engineer and Rover pilot Vindi Verma said the rover’s metal wheels could cause a loud noise.

Vindi Varma said: “When you are driving with these wheels on a rock, it is really very noisy. NASA scientists believe these raspy noises are either due to electromagnetic interference or simply due to road noise, as the rover’s wheels and suspensions are doing their job. Previously, Rover sent recorded voices to its microphone.

The sound of the winds on Mars was heard through the camera while the microphone recorded the sound of the laser strikes. This rover has 23 cameras and 2 microphones that will send data to mission control on Earth. On this basis, life will be discovered there. In the first audio, the rover heard the winds from the Red Planet. It was recorded by Rover’s SuperCam microphone. This microphone is mounted on its mast. When this voice was recorded, the mast was lowered, so the sound was heard slowly.

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