Perseverance Touchdown Viral video from NASA engineer: NASA engineer watches Perseverance rover land on Mars from home, daughter posts emotional video – NASA engineer watches daughter’s Perseverance rover touchdown home share an emotional reaction

NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on the surface of the Red Planet last week to search for life on Mars. During this landing on Mars, engineer Alejandro Miguel San Martin, who had landed it 4 times, was not present on site. Martin was far from the center of NASA but his heart was attached to the rover at all times. This is the reason why when the NASA rover walked on Mars, he cried with joy at seeing this and now his video is scary on social media.

In fact, Martin was not at the NASA control center because of the corona virus. He had made his daughter’s childhood bedroom in his house his office and from there he was associated with his fellow engineers at NASA. As soon as the rover’s landing was confirmed on Martin’s screen, he happily jumped out of his chair and raised his hands.

‘Celebrate the victory of your comrades with champagne’
Martin said, “Yes”. After that, there were tears of joy in his eyes. He then celebrated the victory of his teammates with champagne. Martin said he never imagined his daughter’s childhood bedroom would become the mission control room due to the corona virus. Martin’s daughter shared this video which has so far received around 8,000 likes.

Earlier Monday, NASA released the first high-quality video of a rover landing on Mars. The video shows an orange and white parachute opening and the rover landing on the dusty surface of the Red Planet. Dave Gruhl, Entry and Decent Camera Team Leader, said, “My hair stands on end every time I see it”. The ‘Perviorns’ rover will search for signs of archaic microscopic life and will also attempt to bring authentic samples of the Red Planet to Earth within a decade.

‘These videos and photos are part of our dreams’
NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on the surface of Mars in the early hours of Friday. He landed in Jejoro (Mahakhad) crater. It is the largest and most advanced rover sent by NASA to date. “This video and these images are part of our dreams,” said N Chan, the leader of the team formed to take the rover to Mars. Previously, NASA released the first photo of a rover landing on Mars. NASA has installed 25 cameras in the spacecraft for this task.

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