Personal use teams are now available on the web and desktop

How time passes. It’s been 5 months since Microsoft released the version of Teams for Family & Friends (originally called “Teams for Life”) on iOS and Android devices. This is not a different app, but one more option in the apps we already know. Microsoft Teams for personal use is now available on the web and in the desktop app.

What does Teams offer for personal use?

As you all know, Microsoft Teams has become the ultimate communication and business organization tool. Its success during the pandemic is overwhelming, and Microsoft is wasting no time in improving its performance, capabilities, and even design day after day.

However, Microsoft wants Teams not only to be with us during our working hours, but to be with us around the clock. That is why they have launched a specific version focused on personal use, allowing us to stay in touch. with our family and friends. We are facing a substitute for apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Here are the features that this version of Teams will have initially:

Start a personal chat or create a group chat with 250 people. Sync existing chats between your phone and computer and have continuous conversations between different devices. Talk for free everyday with family and friends via audio and video calls. Share Video Meeting Invitations with everyone, even if Teams isn’t installed on their PC, and bring 49 of your friends and family together with Gallery View or Joint Mode. Upload and share photos and videos from your PC in any group or individual chat.

How to start using it

If you’re new to Teams, install the desktop app and sign up with a Microsoft account. If you already own the app because you use it at work, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select “Add personal account.” Once you’ve successfully signed in, Teams will open a new one. window with your personal and group chats, allowing you to easily switch between personal and work versions of Teams.If you still don’t see this option, don’t worry, it’s rolling out gradually and may still take hours or days If you prefer to use Teams for personal use from your browser, enter this link.

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