Personio launches its software integration marketplace

There are over 40 integrations available to automate collaborations, recruiting, travel, time recording, and many other administrative tasks.

BY RRHHDigital, 02:45 – 15 April 2021

On Tuesday, Personio, the all-in-one HR solution for SMEs, launched Personio Marketplace, a platform with integrations available with its software, to automate Human Resources processes and make them more efficient.

With Personio Marketplace, the company offers its nearly 3,500 customers the possibility of using more than 40 HR management tools easily and quickly thanks to its software. Currently, they have platforms like Slack, the Greenhouse recruiting tool, and Peakon’s corporate loyalty, among others.

Some of the plug-and-play integrations are already available through the partner platform, but the new marketplace brings them together with the new solutions developed by Personio, which can be activated within its platform with just a few clicks. Thus, customers can link Personio to other tools such as Google Calendars or Microsoft Calendar for interview management. By automatically integrating and transferring data between them, companies ensure that their HR processes are more efficient and avoid errors that can arise during manual data transfer.

Here are some of the HR processes that can be automated with the Personio Software Development Pack:

Create new profiles on partner platforms: as soon as a new personal file is created in Personio, a profile for this user can be automatically created in one of the partner tools. Status updates: By entering information into Personio, Slack can automatically notify teams of relevant days such as birthdays, anniversaries, or withdrawals. Creation of new employee profiles: if a candidate is hired via the partner’s recruitment tool, he automatically creates an employee account in Personio.

Roman Schumacher, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Personio: “Companies today use a lot of systems that don’t work together, resulting in process fragmentation and employee frustration. Personio Marketplace is an important step in our mission to unleash the production potential of European SMEs by making all systems linked to human resources communicate with each other. It’s a new home to bring together all existing integrations and is the cornerstone of a partner ecosystem that encompasses Personio as the central HR platform. “.

For Personio customers, the new offer does not entail any additional costs.

In addition to the online marketplace for applications, through which users can find and install integrations into Personio, the website offers an overview of all available solutions:

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