Personio strengthens its presence in Madrid as an all-in-one HR platform for SMEs

Personio strengthens its presence in Madrid as an all-in-one HR platform for SMEs

Personio, the “all-in-one” human resources platform for SMEs, strengthens its commitment to the Spanish market and seeks to develop its workforce in Madrid. The HR technology company, which digitizes processes to unleash the productive potential of European SMEs, has grown its presence in Spain exponentially by creating a team of 40 people, after the recent renovation of its office.

Currently, Personio is in a process of accelerated growth, with plans to double its presence in Spain to reach 80 employees by the end of 2021. The aim is to incorporate specialized profiles in software engineering to continue to develop the product, but also experts to develop the sales and services team in order to better serve its Spanish customers. Over the next year, Personio plans to almost double the size of its European team, from 550 to 1,000 employees.

In its first year and a half of operations in the Spanish market, Personio has detected a strong demand for the digitization of human resources and has already started working with some of the most relevant SMEs in the country. Personio is the HR software chosen by renowned local companies such as Mr. Wonderful, Bloobirds, Habitissimo or Samaipata Ventures.

Spain, Munich, London, Dublin … Personio strengthens its presence at European level

At European level, the company helps more than 3000 SMEs to improve their production potential by digitizing and automating personnel management tasks, such as hiring, HR management and payroll support thanks to its software HR all in one. In Europe, Personio has three other offices in Munich, London and Dublin. The Madrid office, located next to the Santiago Bernabu stadium, is managed by Aarn Cogolludo, national director of Personio Espaa.

According to Aarn Coolludo, Country Manager at Personio Espaa: “our experience with European SMEs, and with Spanish SMEs in particular, tells us that so far they have not found any software dedicated to human resource management and to the selection of talent that truly meets their expectations, which leads us to position ourselves as the ideal solution to unlock their production potential. The companies we interviewed are looking for new ways to effectively manage their workforce. work, both in the office and remote, so that the need to invest in technology is no longer Based on what we learned in 2020, it has become clear to us how strategic and effective management of employees is important to the real success of a business, and the key here is digitization and automation to save time. our human resources and talent selection professionals ents so they can focus on their greatest asset – people.

According to Angelina Gentili, Director of Talent Acquisition at Personio Espaa, “There are great talents in Spain. That is why we are sure that we will find the right people to support our team in building the leading HR platform. in Europe for companies. SMEs. Our goal is to reach a total of 150 employees in the coming years, that is to say to almost quadruple our current workforce “.

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