peruvian president francisco sagasti: strange: a country in the world where two presidents have changed in a week, change for the fourth time in five years – peru has its third president in a week francisco sagasti has become the fourth peruvian president

Elections in democratic countries around the world are often elected for a certain period of time after elections, but there is also a country in the world where two presidents have changed in a week. This country is Peru, located in Latin America. In less than 5 years, in Peru’s unstable political system, Francesco became the country’s fourth president. Sagasti is also the country’s president for the remaining 5 months.

Elections for president are slated for April 2021 amid the Corona outbreak in Peru. Previously, Parliament voted in favor of the removal of the very popular former President Martin Vijkara from power. After that, Manuel Merino, who replaced him, also resigned. Political analysts say the current crisis is the result of differences between several Peruvian presidents and Congress, the opposition-controlled parliament.

According to analysts, the Parliament of Peru has passed several resolutions so that the president and his ministers cannot make policies. Keiko Fujimori, leader of the opposition in Peru and president of the Popular Force Party, lost the elections in 2016 after a hard battle. However, his party managed to secure most seats in Parliament. After that, he said: “We will convert our proposed electoral manifesto into law.”

Keiko has vowed to speak out on the strength of Parliament and his relationship with the president has deteriorated. This struggle for power is the highest in education. MPs have repeatedly passed resolutions to dismiss education ministers in order to slow down the process of reforming private universities. On November 9, Congress removed President Vijkara for corruption.

According to the rules of the constitution, after the impeachment of Vijkara, he was replaced by the Speaker of Parliament Manuel Merino as president, but he too had to resign after 5 days due to numerous protests. He has now been replaced by a 76-year-old president. He is the fourth president in four and a half years. He came to power at a time when public anger against the rulers was at its height.

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