Peta activists wearing crocodile mask bikinis stand outside the Hermes store in Melbourne, Australia

Strong points:

In Australia, women wearing gazelle masks have become a topic of discussion on social media, with women wearing animal rights activist Habikini protesting against French designer bag brand Hermès’s store in Melbourne.
In Australia, women wearing tiger masks have become the topic of discussion on social media. In fact, these women in bikinis are activists for PETA, an animal rights organization opposed to Hermès stores. These Hermès designer bags are made from crocodile skin. These women demonstrated in many cities, including Sydney and Melbourne.

These activists wore a green bikini that symbolized the shape of the handbag. The women performed at King’s Street in Sydney last Thursday and now in Melbourne on Tuesday, outside the Hermès store. These activists called on the French luxury brand not to use crocodile leather to make handbags.

‘Throw away the Hermès crocodile skin’
Hermès has also moved to a farm in Darwin where crocodiles will be raised. PETA activists oppose it. He had taken some signs in his hands. He wrote “Animals die for attractive leather” and “Hermès throws away crocodile leather”. Earlier in November last year, Hermes was the subject of controversy when it was revealed that it would be building Australia’s largest crocodile production plant in Dorwin.

Hermes had signed an agreement with Mick Burns, known as the farmer and king of the crocodiles. After this deal, the number of crocodiles on Mick’s farm will increase by 50%. A total of 50,000 crocodiles will be bred for leather and meat products here. PETA continues to oppose Hermès’ plan.

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