Pfizer Company Seeks Employee Engagement in ‘SDG Week’

Pfizer reaffirms its commitment to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda, in order to contribute to the sustainability of the planet. On this occasion, she celebrated among her professionals “The SDG Week at Pfizer” with various initiatives that promote their achievement.

Pfizer is committed to sustainable innovation and, for this reason, as an organization, it plays an active role in building a more equitable and sustainable society, through the challenges posed by the Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, with “ The SDG Week at Pfizer ”, from November 21 to 27, the company wanted to increase the training of its professionals in these objectives and promote the integration of the SDGs in each department and field of work.

“ At Pfizer we have been working on the Sustainable Development Goals for some time, but with this internal communication and training campaign, we wanted to reinforce the importance of working on the challenges posed by the SDGs. We believe that it is necessary for our professionals to deepen their knowledge about the SDGs, those to which we contribute the most, and how to integrate them into company strategy. All this for the benefit of patients and society in general, ” says Sergio Rodrguez, CEO of Pfizer Spain.

The week kicked off with the online conference “Pfizer Families for a more Sustainable World”, which brought together parents and children to deepen the construction of a more sustainable future for all. This event explained how it is possible to work at home and with family on the challenges of the SDGs, paying special attention to SDG 3. Health and well-being, SDG 5. Gender equality and SDG 12. Production and Responsible consumption.

Thus, the children were informed about the SDGs and different activities were developed to better understand them. Valeria Corrales, Founder of ValPat STEAM Channel, who has become an inspiring girl and a strong advocate for STEM vocations, spoke to families about how she became interested in robotics and promoted STEM careers among younger people. young people and defended the day when “ it is very important that girls see that there are other girls who are like them and who do different things. Let them realize that they can do whatever they want, even if sometimes they are told that it is impossible or that it is just children’s problems. ”

In addition, the children of the house were able to make musical instruments with recycled materials to learn the importance of responsible consumption, and a cooking workshop to discover the role of food in health and well-being.

Communication and training

Each day of the week, one of the SDGs on which the company has the most impact was explained in the internal newsletter, in order to raise awareness among workers. This information was enriched by a training video intended for the whole company, in collaboration with the Seres Foundation, and by an ideation workshop to co-create actions that accelerate the integration of the SDGs in the different fields and departments. from Pfizer. This workshop was developed in collaboration with Impact Hub Madrid and some very useful ideas have come from Pfizer professionals to be put into practice next year.

The company contributes directly to SDG 3 – ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages – in which it focuses its greatest efforts, but also works actively to impact other goals. In SDG 5, promote equal opportunities for men and women, through Pfizer’s Diversity Committee and the Equality Plan; SDG 8, contribute to Spain’s economic growth and quality employment; SDG 9, foster innovation beyond scientific research and innovation; SDG 12, produce and consume responsibly; and SDG 17, through agreements with other organizations to mobilize and exchange knowledge, skills, technologies or resources to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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