pfizer coronavirus vaccine: Pfizer BioNTech vaccine on a new strain of coronavirus: what is the effect of the Pfizer vaccine on new strains of corona virus

German pharmaceutical company BioNTech has expressed confidence that its protective vaccine against the corona virus is also effective against the new form, but more studies are needed to be fully sure. Concerns have grown around the world after the detection of the new form of the corona virus in London and southern England in the UK in recent weeks.

However, so far there is no indication that this overhaul is more deadly, but many countries in Europe and beyond have banned travel from Britain. Meanwhile, the European Union has approved the vaccine for Pfizer-BioNTech.

Confidence expressed on the basis of scientific facts
BioNTech Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ugur Saheen said on Tuesday: “At this point, we know whether our vaccine is capable of providing protection against the new form.” “But based on scientific facts, there is every chance that this vaccine will also work to prepare immunity against the new form of the virus,” he said.

Figures will be available in two weeks
Saheen said the protein fraction of the new form of virus in the UK was up to 99% the same as the current ‘strain’, so for scientific reasons BioNTech is confident the vaccine will remain effective. Saheen said: “Scientists are testing it right now and the data will be available within the next two weeks. He said: “I hope our vaccine will work.”

Saheen said the vaccine will be ready to fight the new form of the virus and it could take six weeks. However, prior to its use, regulatory approval will be required. BioNTech has developed a vaccine to prevent the corona virus in association with the leading American pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

The side effects of the Pfizer vaccine in America too, the doubt has further increased!

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