Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine: Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Effective: Effect of Pfizer Corona Virus Vaccine

A single dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Kovid-19 vaccine has shown an effective effect in those who had previously been infected with the virus. According to a study, this single dose produces strong immunity in people to fight the epidemic and it doesn’t matter when they got infected or against the virus before taking preventive measures.

‘The effect is not yet fully understood’
Researchers at Bar-Ilan University and the Jive Medical Center in Israel noted that the actual evidence worldwide for the Kovid-19 vaccine is still quite weak, although the data from clinical trials is encouraging. In particular, the effect of the Kovid-19 vaccine in people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus is still not fully understood, he said.

Impact of the detected vaccine
The study, published in the journal Euroservillance, included a group of 514 staff at Jive Medical Center. 17 participants were infected with Kovid-19 sometime between one and ten months before taking the first dose of the vaccine. The antibody levels of the whole group were measured before the vaccination and then observed the effect of the BNT 162B2 mRNA vaccine developed by the American company Pfizer and its partner Bioentech in Germany.

How important is this study
The researchers said the effect of the vaccine was quite effective in those who had previously been infected with the outbreak. This has sparked a discussion about whether a single dose of the vaccine may be sufficient. Professor Michael Edelstein of Bar-Ilan University, who led the study, said: “ This study can help countries make decisions about vaccine policy – for example, whether people previously infected are vaccinated by priority And if so, what dose should they administer.

The researchers said that the effective effect of a single dose of the vaccine in infected people is good news, regardless of the time between infection and vaccination.

Corona update: this big news was received for the fourth time in February

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