Pfizer coronavirus vaccine: Pfizer coronavirus vaccine less effective but effective on new strain: study – pfizer coronavirus vaccine less effective but offers protection against the variant

A study conducted in France found that Pfizer’s corona vaccine is less effective but is able to protect against the strain of corona spread in India. The Institut Pasteur de France carried out this study. “Despite slightly lower efficacy, the Pfizer vaccine protects against variants found in India,” said Olivier Schwartz, director of the institute and co-author of the study.

For this study, a sample of 28 health workers from the city of Orleans was taken. Of these, 16 had received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, while 12 had received a single dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. According to the study, people who received two doses of Pfizer showed a three-fold reduction in antibodies to crown variant B.1.617, but were still safe.

“The situation was different with the AstraZeneca vaccine, it induced low levels of antibodies specifically to neutralize the B.1.617 variant,” the study said. Schwartz said patients who had contracted COVID-19 in the past year and those vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer had enough antibodies against the B.1.617 variant but three to six times more against the variant found in the Kingdom -United.

Schwartz said the study shows that this variant has acquired partial resistance to the antibody. The SARS-CoV-2 virus has created several variants of the crown since it emerged in China in late 2019.

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