pfizer coronavirus vaccine: Pictures from the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine vaccination campaign in Great Britain: Campaign for the Pfizer Corona Virus vaccine in the UK

A campaign has been launched to introduce Pfizer’s Corona virus vaccine to the UK. The world is considering the country’s largest vaccination campaign to date. Pfizer has been granted permission to use emergency services in the UK, while in India the company has also applied for permission. As effective as the Pfizer vaccine is, there have been just as many concerns about its storage. However, photographs of vaccines placed to protect people from the deadly virus are also raising hope around the world. Vaccines are given to people up to 98 years of age and they ask the rest of the population to trust them.

Story in the name of Maggie, 90 years old

When Keenan, 90, returned with the vaccine, hospital staff greeted him with applause. She became the first person in the country to be vaccinated. Maggie, who was wearing a blue “Merry Christmas” t-shirt, smiled under the mask. She told people that if she could get the vaccine at 90, everyone could. They say he gets the chance to get the vaccine first.

Second dose after 21 days

The dose of vaccine will be injected into the upper arm. A second blow will be given 21 days later. Some immunity will be available 12 days after the first dose and fully 7 days after the second dose. The British are making “Call” and “Recall” appointments for the vaccine. They will reach the first dose through Call, then the second dose from Recall.

William Shakespeare was also vaccinated

The second person to receive the vaccine was William Shakespeare. When people learned about this on social media, they began to remember playwright William Shakespeare, one of the greatest and most famous figures in the history of literature. Even his dialogue “To be or not to be” written in “Hamlet”, people started to write “To V or not to V” for the vaccine.

Also effective on the elderly

As of now, it was found in the analysis that 95% of the vaccinated people were saved from Kovid-19. At the same time, it affected 94% of the elderly. Immunity to it can last at least 6 months or more. In Britain, the vaccine is being given to the elderly for the first time and, so far, those taking it have appealed to the healthcare system to trust.

Is there a danger with the vaccine?

No serious side effects were found in the vaccine trial. Some people saw pain in the arms, fever, or muscle aches, but it was not very worrying. The UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency is monitoring any serious effects. At the same time, people have to stop for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine so that a reaction can be recorded.

What’s the challenge?

None of the vaccines to be manufactured have yet been made from mRNA. This vaccine prepares the human body to produce proteins that produce protective antibodies. For this reason, deep freezing production, storage and transport networks are necessary for the vaccine to last a long time.

Who is given first

In the first phase, the elderly and workers in nursing homes in the UK, those aged 80 or over, frontline health and social workers, 75 or over, 65 or over, people aged 16 to 64 Vaccines will be given to those at greatest risk of infection, 60 years or older, people 55 years or older, and finally 50 years or older by January.

Will India also get?

Pfizer has also applied for authorization for use in India, but Rajesh Bhushan, secretary of the Union’s Ministry of Health, says India is currently unable to increase the existing capacity of the chain. cold. Not only that, but it will also be difficult to deliver the vaccine in a short time apart from the temperature. For this, paramedical staff will also need to be trained. It would be difficult to deliver the vaccine to places where vaccination centers are far away or where people are not ready for vaccination.

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