Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine Israel: Pfizer Vaccine News: Pfizer vaccine prevents 99% of devastation from corona virus, Israeli research reveals – Israeli study shows Pfizer Biontech vaccine stops spread of Covid 19

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Pfizer’s Corona Vaccine in Israel Prevented Large-Scale Corona Infection
There is very good news from Israel for the world battling the Corona virus. Pfizer’s Corona virus vaccine in Israel prevented very large-scale corona infection. With this, for the first time, the world has found such real data indicating that vaccination has been shown to be able to prevent corona infection.

The national immunization program began in Israel on December 20 with Pfizer’s vaccine, which was about 89.4% effective in the laboratory. These companies had an initial analysis with the Israeli Ministry of Health. Its accuracy has been questioned by some scientists. Positive figures have now been revealed in Israel, which has on average the highest number of corona virus vaccines in the world.
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99% effective in preventing deaths from vaccine virus
Half of Israel’s population has received at least one dose of the corona virus vaccine. Israeli officials said on Saturday that Pfizer’s crown was 99% effective in preventing deaths from the vaccine virus. If this is true, these data are very encouraging as this vaccine is now proving effective in preventing the spread of the corona virus to asymptomatic people.

Professor Raina McIntyre from Sydney said: “These are the numbers we needed to estimate herd immunity using a vaccine.” Pfizer said it was working to get the real numbers with help from Israel. He said it will be released when it’s finished. According to Bloomberg’s vaccine calculator, his calculations suggest it may take another seven years to eliminate the coronavirus.

75% of the vaccinated population means herd immunity
In this calculation, the speed of vaccination is the basis. In other words, according to the global rapid vaccination campaign, all countries will take seven years to immunize 75 percent of their population. Let me tell you that getting vaccinated at 75% of the population means achieving collective immunity. When this happens, the spread of the virus stops. According to the report, more than 4 million people are vaccinated every day around the world.

Pfizer vaccine stops Corona in Israel

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