pfizer covid 19 vaccine Mexican doctor: doctor kills paralysis after injecting corona virus vaccine, family appeals to the world – Mexican doctor paralyzed after pfizer covid 19 vaccine shot family calls for further studies

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A female doctor, who fell ill after applying the Pfizer Corona vaccine in Mexico, was admitted to intensive care after severe side effects, bruising, cramps, weakness, and breathing problems within half an hour of treatment. application of paralysis to the paralytic maradocar Carla Cecalia Perez. City of Gaya Thamaxico
A seriously ill woman, Carla Cecilia Perez, was paralyzed after applying Pfizer’s Corona vaccine in Mexico. The doctor was admitted to the intensive care unit within half an hour of applying the vaccine after suffering from rashes, cramps, weakness and difficulty breathing. The sick doctor’s family have appealed for further investigation into such a serious side effect of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, Mexico’s health ministry said it had started investigating the entire case. The health ministry said the inflammation of Dr Carla’s brain and spinal cord (encephalomyelitis) has been treated. Dr Carla was allergic to an antibiotic before the vaccination. The doctor had suffered from similar severe side effects from this antibiotic.

“ We are not against the Corona vaccine, research is needed ”
The Ministry of Health said: “We do not insist that Dr Karla was killed by a paralysis vaccine. Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify whether this is related to the introduction of a vaccine. We are not claiming the paralysis caused the vaccine. Research is needed to confirm this. On the other hand, Carlos, Dr Carla’s relative, said our family decided not to discourage people from getting vaccinated. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that Dr Karla is treated properly and that his entire case is investigated so that such incidents can be avoided in the future.

Previously, the Department of Health said Dr Carla, 32, received the Corona virus vaccine from Pfizer. He was admitted to the intensive care unit within half an hour of applying the vaccine after suffering from a rash, cramping, body weakness and difficulty breathing. When the doctor had a reaction to the vaccine, he was under the supervision of the vaccinators. They are now being processed.

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