Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine: Now Pfizer vaccine suffers in America, sick health worker in Alaska – Allergic reaction to Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in health worker in Alaska United States, FDA issues new guideline

After Britain, Pfizer’s corona vaccine in America also worsened the health of a health worker. A health worker in Alaska is said to have had a severe allergic reaction after taking the dose of the vaccine. After which he was admitted to the hospital for treatment. This person has no history of medications or any other type of allergy. In such a situation, the suspicion of Pfizer vaccine again increased. Pfizer has also sought government permission for emergency use in India.

Vaccine reaction to Britain also in America

U.S. health officials have claimed the health worker had a similar reaction to two health workers in Britain a few days ago. Such a reaction can also be fatal. In this, a person has difficulty in breathing, and his blood pressure drops significantly. The American health worker, hospitalized Wednesday, was put out of danger by doctors.

Two health workers also fell ill with the Pfizer vaccine in Britain

Also in Britain, two health workers fell ill after being vaccinated during vaccination. After which, the British Department of Health Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued a warning that people with allergies to any medicine, food or vaccine should not receive Pfizer’s Corona vaccine vaccine. However, Pfizer released a statement saying it was investigating the matter.

The US FDA has also issued a warning

The US Sea Food and Drug Administration has also issued an advisory for people who should consult their doctor before taking the vaccine dose. People were asked to take this information to find out if they were allergic to any component of the vaccine. The FDA has said in its guidelines that the health check should not administer the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine to someone with a history of allergy.

Trump is also ready to take a dose of Corona virus vaccine

White House press secretary Kellig McEnany said on Tuesday that the president said he was ready to take the dose of the vaccine. He has expressed his desire on this in private conversations and it is known publicly. But he still hasn’t recovered from Kovid-19. When his medical team allows it, he will take the vaccine as soon as possible. But their priority is to ensure the vaccination of personnel working on the front lines and those most at risk.

It is therefore a matter of concern for India

The Indian unit of Pfizer Company has requested authorization from the Comptroller General of Indian Medicines (DGCI) for emergency use of the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine. After the vaccine is approved in the UK, Pfizer and Biontech are expected to get it approved in other countries in the coming days. There is no such government data in India, so one can know which patients had the first cases of allergy. In such a situation, if the vaccine is given to a person with a high risk of allergy, it can have serious consequences.

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