Pfizer is the highest rated vaccine, scoring 5.82, and Sputnik V, the worst

Publication: Tuesday February 23, 2021 2:58 PM

The Spanish population is more and more willing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. However, their confidence in the laboratories that manufacture and distribute the doses is not very high.

According to the Barometer prepared by LaSexta, a year after the first cases of coronavirus, Sputnik is the lowest-rated vaccine with an average score of 4.78. And it is that 6.7% of those questioned do not trust him at all, 32% do not trust him, 32.8% trust him a lot and only 2% give him any confidence. 26.5% are halfway there.

Followed by the Russian is that of AstraZeneca, which in Spain is used to immunize those under 55 against COVID-19. This has an average score of 5.05 because 5.5% don’t trust anything, 24.7% don’t trust very much, 41.3% have a lot of trust, and only 0.8% trust completely. 27.7% of the people questioned have neither confidence nor mistrust.

In second place in the ranking we find the Moderna vaccine, from which we also received doses. In this case, the average rating is 5.44 after finding that 4.0% do not trust anything, 19.1% do not trust, 51.9% have a lot of confidence and 1.8% of respondents show complete confidence.

As the laSexta study shows, the BioNTech and Pfizer vaccine is best rated with an average score of 5.82. And it is that 3.1% have no trust at all, 14.1% do not trust much, 18.1% do not trust or distrust, 61.7% trust a lot and only 2.9% totally trust.

It is curious that, if we take age groups into account, those who trust brands the most are those between 55 and 75 years old in the case of Pfizer and Moderna. As your confidence wanes, be it Sputnik or AstraZeneca. In this sense, it should be remembered that the last mentioned brand is not recommended for those over 55 years old.

Thus, it is interpreted that the surveyed population does not show a very high level of confidence regarding the different types of vaccines that are used against COVID-19. All this despite the fact that 83.5% are ready to be vaccinated and only 11.6% do not want it.

This is a special barometer in which 1,200 people took part and which was drawn up a year after the first cases of coronavirus detected in our country.

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