Pfizer Vaccine Latest News: Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc, which was researching a vaccine to protect people from the deadly outbreak of the Corona virus, found encouraging results. The company said the vaccine produced was 95% effective. With that, the company will be ready in the United States in a few days to apply for FDA approval first.

Impact on all ages, communities
This success was reported in the final analysis of the clinical trial of the BNT162b2 vaccine based on pfizer mRNA. U.S. company and partner BioNTech SE said its vaccine provided protection to people of all ages and communities. There were also no serious problems with his security. Additionally, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has exceeded the standard for obtaining an Emergency Use Permit (EUA).

What are the results
The vaccine trial was performed on 44,000 people. The data revealed that 170 volunteers received Kovid-19, of which 8 were vaccinated and 162 received Plasibo. The vaccine reduced the severity of illness while 9 out of 10 people in the plebo group had severe illness. Data suggests the vaccine has been shown to be over 94% effective in people over 65.

Non-serious side effects
Those who received the vaccine saw its good effects and had no significant side effects. The problem of excessive fatigue was seen in 3.7% of volunteers after the second dose, but in only 2% of people it was the only serious problem.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer claims 90% efficacy in corona vaccine trial

Pfizer is successful

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