Pfizer vaccine: who will receive, how will the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine? Learn 4 Important Things – How Will the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Be Given & Other FAQs

Pfizer’s Corona virus vaccine will be launched in the UK from this week for 8 million people. In India, a request has been made for its use in an emergency. Along with this, there are many questions on the minds of people. How will it be administered and how long will it last? What is the preparation for Britain’s biggest vaccination campaign to date, here’s a look –

How will the vaccine be administered?

The dose of vaccine will be injected into the upper arm. A second blow will be given 21 days later. Some immunity will be available 12 days after the first dose and fully 7 days after the second dose. As of now, it was found in the analysis that 95% of the vaccinated people were saved from Kovid-19. At the same time, it affected 94% of the elderly. Immunity to it can last at least 6 months or more.

Who will get the vaccine?

In the first phase, the elderly and workers in nursing homes in the UK, those aged 80 or over, frontline health and social workers, 75 or over, 65 or over, people aged 16 to 64 Vaccines will be given to those at greatest risk of infection, 60 years or older, people 55 years or older, and finally 50 years or older by January.

A danger of the vaccine?

No serious side effects were found in the vaccine trial. Some people saw pain in the arms, fever, or muscle aches, but it was not very worrying. The UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency is monitoring any serious effects. At the same time, people have to stop for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine so that a reaction can be recorded.

Will the vaccine be enough?

World Health Organization Special Envoy Dr David Nabarro says the vaccine is just one more check. It cannot replace other methods for several months or a year. Therefore, people should continue to follow methods such as social distancing, cleanliness, wearing masks and seclusion when they become ill.

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