Pfizer vaccine will immunize 10 million Spaniards by May and will be free, says Minister Illa

Published: Tuesday November 10 2020 11:23

This is the government’s goal: to vaccinate around 10 million people in Spain by May with the Pfizer vaccine. This was announced by the Minister of Health. It is expected that if all goes very well by the end of this year, 20 million doses will arrive. Salvador Illa has guaranteed that it will be administered free of charge.

It would begin to be administered to the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, those who come into contact with these risk groups, such as health workers. In this way, “if all that goes well, with this vaccine and other vaccines, in Spain and in Europe, a major vaccination campaign could start at the beginning of the year”, so that “around the month of in May, we could have a sufficiently relevant percentage of the population vaccinated in Spain and Europe, ”Illa estimated.

End of this year or early 2021. These are the dates that are processed. Already the Minister of Science, Pedro Duque, has advanced to Al Rojo Vivo that in December Spain will have doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine against the coronavirus. Although he reiterated that the population will not be inoculated until the European Medicines Agency approves its safety.

“By the end of the year we think they will provide us with a million and a half vaccines, what we have to do responsibly is to make sure that the vaccine is useful and that it has guaranteed safety.” , explained the minister, who insisted on the fact that in December “we will have this possibility, but we must wait that all the tests which give us this confidence are carried out”.

According to him, “in 2021, there will be at least six, seven or eight manufactured vaccines to give to everyone. It will be necessary to see during the first months of the year, some will be more appropriate than others, it is why we are betting on so many projects, because still we do not know what will be the best. “

Illa has spoken along the same lines these days, insisting that the government calculate that at the beginning of next year, “or the end of this one if things go very well”, Spain will dispose a first batch of COVID-19 vaccines, although it is necessary to continue to “live” with the virus until May. He mapped out a horizon of about six more months, until May, of “coexistence” with the virus, until the vaccine was provided to a large part of the population.

He stressed that once the vaccines are launched, it will take another three to four months to reach a sufficiently large set of vaccinated population to “enter a different phase”. According to Illa, by the second quarter of next year “the situation will have changed considerably”, although he acknowledged the difficulty of forecasting and the “instability” caused by the virus and its contagion capacity.

The Minister underlined the European cooperation effort to negotiate and distribute vaccines equitably, as well as the commitment not to administer them if they do not strictly comply with the conditions of safety and efficacy. “A vaccine will not be administered if it is not safe and effective. We have a very strict and very precise regulatory framework. It is true that it has gone very quickly but it is also true that resources have been mobilized. like never before to achieve a vaccine, ”said Illa.

Last Thursday, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, indicated that the vaccination campaigns against the coronavirus “could be ready” in six months, in May, when the state of alarm ends.

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