Pharaoh Egypt: Death of Pharaoh: How Died Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Scientists Revealed Big – Pharaoh Death Mystery Unveiled By Egyptian Scientists, All You Want To Know

Scientists have made new revelations about the cause of death of Egypt’s most famous Pharaoh Seachanre Tao. The pharaoh’s mummy is still kept in the Egyptian Museum. A few days ago, a team of scientists performed a scan of Pharaoh’s head. In which these wounds were revealed which would be the cause of Pharaoh’s death. Pharaoh was the most powerful emperor of Egypt, who reigned in the 16th century BC. Pharaoh was reportedly executed after being caught up in a brawl with the invading foreign dynasty Haxos.

Many scars found on the head during a CT scan

The Pharaoh has since been mummified and buried in the necropolis of Thebes. This mummy was discovered in 1881. It was not known at the time that he had several fatal bruises on his body. Now that a CT scan of his head has been done, scientists have seen many serious scars. In such a situation, Pharaoh’s death is once again mired in controversy. Scientists claim that Pharaoh’s head injuries were deliberately covered up. We also learn that Pharaoh’s hand was tied behind his back when he died.

Pharaoh was killed by more than one attacker.

Cairo University salaramologist Sahar Salim, the head of this research team, said this shows that the Pharaohs were in fact in the front line with their troops to liberate Egypt. The researchers also found that Pharaoh was killed by more than one attacker using several different weapons. Because there are five different types of bruises on her body. It was claimed that if an attacker had killed he would have used the same weapon from different angles, but the wound marks suggest the weapon was more than one.

The curtain constantly rises of the secrets of Egypt

Last year earthen graves were discovered in the Sakkara cemetery in the southern part of Cairo. The mission, which began two months ago, found the site 36 feet deep with 13 coffins. And going further, more coffins began to be found. Recently, several coffins have been found in Egypt in which mummies have been found. Also in October 2020, 80 coffins of a 2,500-year-old mummy were discovered. These coffins were buried under a stone tomb.

Memphis is included in the World Heritage Site

These mummies are found near the Pyramid of Djosar, located in the ancient capital, Memphis. The ruins of Memphis were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1970s. There are at least 11 pyramids located in this area.

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