Pharaoh’s coffin in the Egyptian pyramids

An Egyptian pharaoh (Pharaoh) had to be removed from his coffin and placed back inside the pyramid. It was claimed in a new theory. Pharaoh Djoser is believed to have been buried at the Step Pyramid of Sakkara. It is a pyramid dating from 2600 BC that stands to this day. However, the body of Djoser (the mummy) buried there has never been found.

Experts have long believed that their coffin was destroyed or stolen by thieves. However, structural engineer and engineer Peter James gave a new theory. In March, Step Pyrmid opened after 14 years of renovations. It was damaged due to the earthquake, after which repairs were made.

James said the chamber in which the Pharaoh was buried was about 8 square meters and 29 meters in height. Peter says that at that time the coffins were not raised but held down. So they went down 6 meters and placed the coffin there.

Why the pyramid was threatened
The builders placed the clay mastaba on it to create the step pyramid, creating the shape of the pyramid. James said, “The pharaohs wanted to go up, so three mastaba were erected which formed the 6 steps of the pyramid. However, palm trees have been used for this which weaken with height. It must have been broken at first.

Each month, one or two stones were to fall on the coffin. No one went there for almost 100 years because it was very dangerous. Peter’s team designed the stand to safely open the pyramid. They repaired the damage to the water wall and divided the load with airbags.

James says that in ancient times the Egyptians over time learned to build a pyramid and mastered it with the Great Pyramid. They believe they transported Djoser’s mummy elsewhere after having had problems building the pyramid.

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