Pharaoh’s Curse: Suez Canal Crisis Train Collision Twitter Blames Pharaoh’s Ancient Curse For Disasters In Egypt – Traffic Jam, Train Wreck … Did Egypt Feel The King’s Ancient Curse Pharaoh for removing the royal mummy?

In Egypt, the land of the Pyramids, an unfortunate accident occurred one after the last few days. On March 26, in Egypt, 32 people died and more than 100 people were injured in a train crash. The next day, March 27, a building collapsed, killing 18 people and injuring 24 people. Egypt has yet to recover from these accidents that a huge freighter got stuck in the Suez Canal. People ask Twitter about these successive accidents and say that Egypt is cursed by the most powerful king, Pharaoh. He says these accidents are occurring in Egypt at a time when the administration plans to transfer 22 royal mummies to a well-known museum in the capital Cairo on April 3. Let us know what is the whole question and the curse of King Pharaoh….

Mami’s royal parade to take place in Egypt, fearing persecution

A royal parade will be held in Egypt on April 3 and many ancient mummies will be sent from the National Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum in Cairo. These mummies include Raja Ramses II, Seti I, Rani Hatshepsut, etc. The Egyptian government claims that by collecting all the mummies in the Cairo museum, tourists can see them in one place. At the same time, the government, which is grappling with the currency crisis, hopes that tourists will come on a large scale and that this will increase its income during the Corona period. On the other hand, amid frequent accidents in Egypt, it is claimed on Twitter that there is a curse from King Pharaoh behind these incidents. He says such incidents raised many questions just before the Egyptian Mami’s Royal Parade. Saad Abedin writes: “Having seen all of this, it seems that Pharaoh’s curse is real.

Know what is the curse of Pharaoh, the ancient Egyptian monarch

According to the Daily Mail, in this ancient curse, it was said that the person who disturbs the peace of King Pharaoh, will die very soon. Twitter user Freddie Benjamin states, “Pharaoh’s Curse or Mami’s Curse states that it will be the one that disrupts the peace of ancient Egyptian mummies, especially the Pharaoh’s Mummy. He makes no distinction between curse thieves and archaeologists and it is claimed that this worsens the plight of people, causing them sickness or death. Sharif Ahmad wrote that the famous Egyptian god Horus said he approached the souls of Egyptian kings and queens and assured them that it was not their job. Behind these incidents is the hand of countries and groups that hate Egypt. In this way, many claims are made about the Egyptian curse on Twitter.

Egyptian archaeologists reject curse claims

Meanwhile, archaeologists have dismissed ongoing claims on Twitter. He said such incidents in Egypt were just a coincidence. Former Egyptian Minister Al Nahar has said that sending Mami from one place to another has nothing to do with these accidents. Popular archaeologists called the curse allegations baseless and said sending these mummies to another location would only increase their honor. Explain that Pharaoh was the most powerful emperor in Egypt, who reigned in the 16th century BC. It is said that Pharaoh was executed after being caught up in a brawl with the invading foreign dynasty Haxos. The Pharaoh has since been mummified and buried in the necropolis of Thebes. This mummy was discovered in 1881. It was not known at the time that there were several fatal bruises on his body. Now that a CT scan of the head has been done, scientists have found many serious scars.

The death of King Pharaoh plunges into controversy again

The death of King Pharaoh is once again embroiled in controversy. Scientists claim that Pharaoh’s head injuries were deliberately covered up. We also learn that Pharaoh’s hand was tied behind his back at the time of his death. Cairo University Salaramologist Sahar Salim, the head of this research team, said this shows that the Pharaohs were in fact in the front line with their troops to liberate Egypt. The researchers also found that Pharaoh was killed by several attackers with several different weapons. Because there are five different types of bruises on her body. It was claimed that if an attacker had killed he would have used the same weapon from different angles, but the wound marks indicate that the weapon was more than one.

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