Phil Spencer Confirms Xbox Game Pass Will Keep Price

Xbox Director Phil Spencer said Microsoft has no plans to increase the price of Xbox Game Pass at this time. It was one of the rumors circulating regarding the service.

Currently available on Xbox One and PC for $ 9.99 / 7.99 euros each (or 10.99 euros for Game Pass Ultimate which offers both services, compatibility with Xbox Live and Android). Thanks to these prices and great content, the service recently reached 15 million customers.

Xbox Game Pass will keep its price unchanged

Speaking on the discontinued Frames podcast, Phil Spencer revealed that there are currently no plans for Microsoft to increase the price of Game Pass in the near future. Despite the fact that the service is not entirely profitable.

“I’m going to be honest, there are some developers out there who have concerns, and my inbox is there, and I have conversations with a lot of these developers to ask myself what are our real long term goals?” Spencer said.

“You know we’re getting questions like ‘hey, is this just a way to include a bunch of players and raise the price to a new level? “I’m saying there’s no plan for us to do something like this. We appreciate the value of Game Pass today. And a business model is totally sustainable as it is and I think it is.” .

Spencer went on to explain that the strong participation of Game Pass subscribers in the service allows Microsoft to give the green light to more projects than if they relied entirely on the traditional sales system.

“We can take more creative risks than a pure retail model allows,” Spencer explained. “We can give the games the green light because we know we will have millions of Game Pass players. Getting them to participate and play the game with a traditional approach can be more difficult. It allows us to take more creative risks and I think the portfolio shows that, but we also have to show that over time.

It looks like Microsoft has struck the key with Game Pass. Developers and gamers are happy with this new way of delivering service. It allowed us to see games that we previously considered impossible.

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