Phil Spencer targets TVs as next xCloud target

The idea of ​​an Xbox Cloud Gaming or xCloud device for our TV is not new. The software giant was preparing lightweight Xbox streaming devices in 2016, but canceled the hardware. Microsoft has been researching different options since the company first introduced the Halo 4 cloud-to-Windows broadcast to Windows phones in 2013.

xCloud wants to be on all TVs

However, Spencer’s first public mention of Xbox Streaming TV Keys implies that the hardware may be ready. So far, Microsoft has only included streaming xCloud games with its highest Xbox Game Pass Ultimate level ($ 14.99 per month). There is certainly room for additional tiers and easier access to the service beyond just Android devices.

Microsoft initially partnered with Samsung earlier this year to offer xCloud. It’s only a matter of time before we see the company’s game streaming service appear on Samsung TVs. Next year could be an interesting year for xCloud. Especially since Microsoft is planning to upgrade its servers to Xbox Series X hardware. We should also start seeing xCloud appear on Facebook Gaming next year.

Microsoft is also working on a web-based iOS solution for xCloud that will debut in early 2021. Spencer confirms this solution for iOS in the Stratechery interview. But, he cautions that not being in the App Store is still a challenge for xCloud. “We have a good solution on iOS which I think will arrive early next year, I’m happy with the solution we have,” says Spencer.

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