Philippine American military agreement reestablished: blow for China, an important military agreement will continue between the Philippines and America

The Philippines has dealt a heavy blow to the Chinese dragon showing greatness in the South China Sea. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has restored a comprehensive drill agreement with US troops. Defense ministers of the two countries announced the decision on Friday. Earlier, President Duterte canceled the deal, which raised concerns between the two countries. Not only that, China had given many types of greed, including the Corona vaccine to the Philippines, so that it could cancel the deal with the US military.

Under the agreement, large-scale military exercises are being conducted between the US and Philippine security forces. Defense Secretary Delphine Lorenzana and her US counterpart Lloyd Austin announced President Duterte’s decision in Manila. Another Filipino official said Secretary of State Teodoro Losin Jr. would hand over documents on Duterte’s decision regarding the “Visiting Forces Agreement” (VFA) in Austin at another meeting on Friday.

Duterte was constantly pushing back the deal
Lorenzana said: “The president has made the decision to overturn the earlier decision to end the VFA. Austin praised Duterte’s move, saying it would help strengthen the defensive ties between former allies. Duterte informed the U.S. government in February 2020 that he wanted to repeal a 1998 agreement that allowed large numbers of U.S. forces to enter the country for joint combat exercises with Filipino troops and for their temporary stay.

The decision was due to go into effect 180 days after the announcement, but Duterte continued to postpone it. The US military presence in the region is seen as a balancing act in the context of China, which claims large areas of the South China Sea. It is believed that after China’s hijacking in the South China Sea, he has now been forced to return to America.

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