Philippine President threatens United States: Rodrigo Duterte threatens United States, non-Covid 19 vaccine deal and visiting forces

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Noted for his rhetorical statements, the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has now threatened the United States, saying that if the United States does not give the Corona virus vaccine, it will cancel the military deal.
Noted for his outrageous statements, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has now threatened the United States to rescind the military deal if the Corona virus vaccine is not administered. On Saturday, Duterte said if the United States did not give a vaccine to fight the novel Corona virus, it would go ahead with the plan to cancel the visiting forces deal.

President Duterte said the military deal with the United States was about to be canceled and if they did not give permission, the United States military would have to leave its country. Earlier this year, Duterte ordered the cancellation of the military deal with the United States, but was then suspended for 6 months. Under this agreement, US soldiers can conduct military exercises in Philippine territory.

Duterte said, “If Americans don’t give at least 20 million vaccines, it’s good for them to go. If it’s not the vaccine, don’t even stop here. He said if America wants to give the Corona vaccine to the Philippines, it shouldn’t worry, but provide a vaccine. The president said America was on a war footing to provide the Corona virus vaccine to its people.

President Duterte is famous for his rhetorical statements
The president asked the national immunization official not to worry about the money to buy vaccines. He said buy whatever is available because it is an emergency. He also ordered authorization of the corona virus vaccine already approved in Britain and the United States. Let us know that President Duterte is famous for his weird statements.

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte issued a strange decree to cleanse the mask of the corona virus. He said people should get their face masks free from gasoline infection. He insisted he was not saying that jokingly. According to the BBC, Duterte also made a statement last week about cleaning the mask with gasoline, but officials said it was a joke. The President, referring to his previous statement, said he (critic) says Duterte is crazy. If I’m crazy, you should be the president, not me.

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