philippines brahmos missile china: the Philippines will be equipped with BrahMos ammunition, the dragon will be killed in the South China Sea! – India, Philippines sign Brahmos missile pact against China in South China Sea

Troubled by the Chinese dragon’s assault in the South China Sea, the Philippines bought the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile from India. The Philippines and India have signed agreements for the supply of other defense equipment, including the BrahMos missile. Experts say the Philippine military equipped with BrahMos gunpowder will now be able to respond appropriately to China’s challenge.

The South China Morning Post, published by Hong Kong, quoted experts as saying that the Philippines’ decision to take the world’s fastest supersonic missile would significantly increase its military strength. With this missile, the Philippines will be able to protect their coastal areas. The Philippines has a dispute with China over the South China Sea.

The newspaper also said defense cooperation between the Philippines and India was steadily increasing. Following the deal, the BrahMos Missile supersonic cruise missile, produced as part of the India-Russia joint venture, will be exported to the Philippines. Besides the Philippines, many other countries have also expressed interest in this supersonic missile. The BrahMos missile can be launched from a submarine, boat, plane or from the ground.

Testing the new version of BrahMos and increasing the range
This year’s summit will bring together Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Philippine President Rodrigo Dutarte. The Philippines had long been in talks over the BrahMos deal with India. Several Gulf countries have also expressed interest in purchasing this supersonic missile. India has already deployed several BrahMos missiles along the border with China in Ladakh and Arunachal. In recent weeks, the new version of the missile was being tested in many places. The range of the missile increased from 290 km to 400 km in the new version. However, its speed is only 2.8 Macs, which is almost three times the speed of sound.

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