Philips Iberia achieves excellence as a family business

Philips Iberia has become the first company in the health technology sector to achieve efr (responsible family entity) certification at the level of excellence awarded by the Msfamilia Foundation. A certificate which recognizes the most advanced companies and organizations in managing the reconciliation of personal, family and professional life.

Fundacin Msfamilia, in the words of its director, Roberto Martnez, grants excellence to Philips Iberia “for its trajectory since its initial certification and because the model is at its highest”. “In this way, we recognize the commitment to continuous improvement and to providing reconciliation practices for employees,” Martínez acknowledged.

The efr certification recognizes the effort and work carried out by the company over many years in the pursuit of this excellence. “For us, it is very important to offer our employees an inclusive working environment, where people can develop not only as professionals, but also in their personal and family aspects”, recognizes Lourdes Garca-Salmones, manager. of human resources at Philips Iberia. .

Philips employee benefits in Spain

To provide this inclusive environment, Philips has developed measures and initiatives that improve the well-being of its employees, such as a series of employee benefits that attempt to cover the needs and expectations of people at every stage of life. professional and personal. Currently, 58 social benefits are offered, each targeting different age groups and vital moments.

The younger generations particularly appreciate flexible hours, teleworking, training and development opportunities or grants. Family employees appreciate childbirth, daycare and school help, lactation leave, lactation room and health insurance for the whole family. Older veterans appreciate, to a greater extent, the opportunity to buy stocks, pension plans, life insurance or assistance to disabled family members, ” the human resources manager said.

Philips is rated by Forbes as the # 1 Employer in Healthcare Equipment and Services.

In this sense, the leading healthcare technology company, which seeks to improve the health and well-being of people through innovation, has received global recognition from the Forbes list of “World’s Best Employers. “. A survey that sampled 160,000 employees from 58 countries who work for companies operating in various countries or regions.

Of the 25 companies listed in the “Healthcare equipment and services” sector, Philips came out on top. In addition, on the full list of 750 participating companies, the company ranks 16th in terms of employee satisfaction.

This Forbes ranking is a great recognition of our efforts to strengthen our corporate culture, to make it more inclusive and diverse, harnessing the full potential, passion and creativity of our employees throughout their careers. However, the journey does not end there and we are working to further empower our employees at all levels of the organization, ” said Daniela Seabrook, Director of Human Resources at Philips.

As part of the Forbes survey, employees were asked to assess their company’s response to COVID-19. The other important factors assessed in the Forbes rankings were gender equality, talent development and social responsibility. For years, Philips has proactively developed and fostered an inclusive work environment that offers lifelong learning, mentoring and networking programs. This commitment, which was recently materialized in its new and ambitious environmental, social and corporate governance objectives for 2025.

In terms of inclusion and diversity, Philips has set a new target of 30% gender diversity in leadership positions by the end of 2025, against the 2020 target of 25% it plans to achieve. before the end of this year. In addition, among other initiatives, the company is implementing a training plan for leaders and managers on raising awareness of unconscious prejudices to promote an inclusive environment.

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