phosphine gas on Venus: new study rejects claim that phosphine is present on Venus: latest study claims there is no phosphine on Venus

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New studies suggest the possibility of life on the planet Venus. Traces of phosphine gas not found in atmosphere, discussion began, based on data claimed, Washington doubts
Research in September of last year enhanced the possibilities of life outside Earth. Research has claimed that phosphine gas has been found on the planet Venus, which has intensified discussions about a possible life. However, this claim has been challenged in two new research articles published recently. It is now said to be re-recording the data from Venus and re-researching it to accurately assess whether Venus actually contains phosphine.

No phosphine found
Astrobiologist Victoria Meadows of the University of Washington, Seattle, described these recent studies as follows: “We have brought a detailed view of this, another way of explaining this data that it is not phosphine. ” The telescope from which the data claimed to have found phosphine was re-investigated and received no phosphine.

Signs of life found with phosphine gas on Venus, say British scientists
No life on Venus?
The second study studied the behavior of gases on the planet Venus and found that what was considered phosphine was in fact sulfur dioxide. It is a normal gas on Venus and does not indicate the possibility of life. On the other hand, Leiden University astronomer Ignus Snellen says the latest study ruled out the possibility of life on Venus.

Data understanding
Cardiff University astronomer Jane Greaves, who claimed to have previously found phosphine, says she will be able to say something about it after reading the new paper. Indeed, the discovery of phosphine was first claimed on the basis of data recorded with the help of ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array). However, it was later discovered that this data had been processed incorrectly. Jane and her team redone their calculations and assumed they had less phosphine than the first, unlike other researchers.

Why is phosphine important?
This compound composed of phosphorus and hydrogen is bound to life. Phosphine on earth creates organisms that do not need oxygen or is made in the laboratory. Therefore, the curiosity of life had heightened the curiosity between astronomers and space scientists to learn more about Venus.

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