Photo of alien fish: Weird photos of fish and other sea creatures Russia: Photos of weird fish and alien creatures in Russia

Seeing many unique creatures among the waves of the sea is part of the life of fishermen, but a fisherman from Russia has kept a collection of images of these creatures that do not resemble this land. Roman Fedortsov, 39, owns a commercial trawler from which he sometimes fishes thousands of meters below. Because of this, many strange creatures are caught in his hands, the images of which he captures in the camera.

The Romans were so surprised to see these creatures that they began to photograph them, which are very popular today. The most recent of these is a fish with a head similar to that of an alien. There is another fish whose mouth looks like thorns. Looking at a fish, it looks like its teeth are worn out from overuse and new teeth are coming out with it.

not monstrous, beautiful

Roman became very famous thanks to these images. He admits he doesn’t know most of the fish in detail, doesn’t even know their names, but their photos go viral. Often people are afraid to see these images, but Romans consider them beautiful, not scary. He said, ‘All of these creatures are very beautiful in themselves.’

The Romans fished in the Barents Sea, which joins the Arctic Ocean, off the northern coast of Russia. He also goes to the Atlantic Ocean. He says finding such strange and unique creatures shows that the depth of the oceans is yet to be measured.

unique sea creatures

He explains that it’s not that every time a net is thrown in the water, something new or unique comes out. He says that if the photo of a common fish is taken in a different way, then this fish will also look unique, but they are all beautiful in themselves.

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