photo of the Himalayas from space: Himalayas Photo from the International Space Station: Photo of the Himalayas from the International Space Station

The Himalayan peaks are nothing less than a wonder in themselves. If we see them from the ground, we see them talking to the clouds. Obviously, their glimpse of space will give examples of natural beauty. One of those photos was taken from the International Space Station, showing that anyone can hold their heart. It has been very popular since it was shared on the Internet.

‘Picture of the day’
Astronaut Mark T of the US Space Agency NASA is aboard the International Space Station. He shared a photo of the Himalayas taken from space. Sharing the photo on Twitter, he wrote: “A clear, flowery day somewhere in the Himalayas. I cannot fill my heart with such views. The amazing beauty of the snow capped peaks is very captivating.

The Himalayan Range, located in South and East Asia, separates the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau region, known as the “Roof of the World” or the Roof of the World. Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, is also present here.

The highest mountain ranges in the world were formed due to the collision of the Indo and Eurasian tectonic plates for 50 million years.

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