pia staff blood alcohol test: Pakistan International Airlines makes blood alcohol testing mandatory for cabin crew: Pakistan Airlines has mandated blood alcohol test for cabin members

Pakistan International Airlines has made blood alcohol testing mandatory for its cabin crew. The announcement was made in anticipation of the European Union’s Foreign Aircraft Security Screening (SAFA) program. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has decided to open an investigation into alcohol consumption during the inspection. PIA has issued a notification on this matter. This test will be compulsory from February 14.

Legal action by the legal department failed
According to news from the Dawn newspaper, the notification said the test would be considered negative if the amount of breath alcohol is 0.2 grams or less in a liter or anything below the country’s standard. If a crew member refuses to do so, it will be considered a positive test and legal and departmental action will then be taken.

Another embarrassment for Pakistan Airlines, Canada’s ‘missing’ flight attendant
Previously, the PIA issued a new standard operating procedure (SOP) in the disappearance of an employee from two different flights and a flight attendant in the torrents. By virtue of this, staff passports will now be deposited when traveling to other countries and will only be issued upon return.

Two staff members disappear
The airline is getting very dirty due to missing personnel arriving in other countries. New rules have been developed for this purpose. Aamir Bashir, general manager of flight services at PIA, issued this notification. A spokesperson for PIA said the missing staff has been reported to the Canadian Immigration Authority.

Pangal Pakistan paid 51 crore rupees for rescuing plane seized in Malaysia, there was international insult

PIA becomes gritty
This is not the first time that Pakistani airlines have suffered from international uncertainty. After the plane crash near Karachi airport last year, the entire aviation system exposed the major frauds and crimes. After the incident, the country’s aviation minister said at least 40% of pilots in the country fly planes with bogus licenses. After that, many countries stopped their flights to and from Pakistan. At the same time, a recently hired plane from Malaysia was stopped at the airport for non-payment of money and passengers were unloaded.

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