pigeon auction in belgium: know why a chinese citizen opened the treasure for a pigeon, donated 13 crore rupees

At the auction held in Belgium, a Chinese buyer opened the mouth of a “treasure” for a pigeon and bought it for around 13 million rupees 40 lakh. This pigeon was not a common pigeon, but participates in races. The name of the three-year-old pigeon is ‘New Kim’ and sold by Belgian auctioneer Pijn Paradise at an online auction on Sunday. Let’s know the whole story of this ‘Crore’ pigeon …

New Kim breaks ‘Lewis Hamilton’ record

The new Kim Pigeon broke the auction record last year in which Armando, a male pigeon, was auctioned for Rs 11 crore. This pigeon was called Lewis Hamilton from the breed of pigeons. This breed of pigeons is very popular in China. According to a DailyMail report, two Chinese buyers, using the pseudonym Super Dumper and Hitman in the last minute auction, made a strong bid which ended at Rs 13 crore 40 lakh.

New Kim won a racing competition in France

This pigeon from the city of Antwerp, Belgium, can now be used for the mysterious Chinese breeding Bayer. Nicholas, President of Pigeon Paradise, said: “I believe this is a world record, so far such auctions have never been officially placed in documents.” He said: “I never thought we could reach such a huge sum.” New Kim Pigeon won a race in France in 2018.

The history of pigeon racing in China is very old

In recent times, the best European birds have gained great popularity around the world, especially in China. In China, the pigeon race is hysterical. Not only that, millionaires from Gulf countries and Asia come to buy these champion birds, then buy them and take them to their countries. Pigeons have been bred for a long time in Belgium and northern France. The start of this game in China is thousands of years old. During the reign of the Ming Dynasty from 1368 to 1644, pigeon racing was autonomous. During this time also pigeons were brought from Europe. A total of 445 birds were auctioned.

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