Pinterest can now be implemented in OneNote and Word

Funny how Microsoft’s conversations about acquiring Pinterest now make more sense. The social network is one of the most viewed pages in the United States in 2020. It has 450 million active users every month and has grown considerably. If we add to that the possibilities that it has with Microsoft products, as we see now, we see more logic in the agreement.

We can now include content from Pinterest in OneNote and Word

Before, it was possible to include content, either as an image or as a link. The difference is that now when we paste a link from Pinterest, the item we will see in Word or OneNote is the same as the native content. This allows us to work better with Pinterest content in a Word file or in our OneNote block.

Plus, one of the main issues we encountered while searching for content on Pinterest was that it wasn’t easy to include. It was an uncomfortable font and perhaps for this reason it was ignored and used less. Maybe with this small gesture, Pinterest usage increases.

But without a doubt, the beneficiaries of this new function are the users. Whether we’re working with OneNote on Windows 10, on the web, Mac, or Android, we can work with the rich format of Pinterest just by pasting the link. In the case of Word, it is only available for Word on the web at the moment, although it will surely reach all operating systems in the future.

We remind you that the relationship between the two companies is very good, the Microsoft Edge collections integrate perfectly with Pinterest, making it easier to save the content of this social network. The same goes with Surface Duo, this social network was one of the first to adapt to the Surface Duo format, making it easier to work with two screens.

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