Pinterest would have been Microsoft’s biggest acquisition for 51 billion

Microsoft’s future in social media is somewhat curious, not as much as Google’s, but it is. The Redmond giant currently has two: Yammer, the business-focused social platform, and LinkedIn, the leading corporate social network. Last year it tried to break into more commercial social media with the acquisition of TikTok. But his plans were frustrated and he had to forget about it. We now learn that Microsoft has attempted to acquire Pinterest.

Pinterest could have been the biggest acquisition in Microsoft’s history

Taking advantage of the fact that it had available cash of $ 51 billion, and who does not, Microsoft wanted to acquire Pinterest for that amount. The information emerged from a Financial Times report, via Reuters.

2020 has been a very profitable year for most social networks and for technology. Thanks to the pandemic, Pinterest has grown by 37%, reaching 459 million monthly active users. But it is that Pinterest has grown in the last year by 100 million users and that has tripled its valuation.

Relations between Pinterest and Microsoft are good. The social network already offers support for the Surface Duo in its application, an application for Windows Phone and even its PWA in the Microsoft Store. However, despite all possible deals, it was not infringed, and both companies closed this path.

It’s funny how Microsoft has seen an incredible interest in social media. The Redmond giant has already seen LinkedIn and Xbox have millions of active users daily. But they look ridiculous in front of the big social networks of Facebook. In some ways, Microsoft’s lack of social media prowess has potentially shielded them from antitrust investigations, as politicians around the world investigate the impact of social media on society. But on the other hand, it puts Microsoft at a disadvantage for the future, as technology platforms and services become more and more social.

This puts us before the following situation. What is Microsoft looking to replace TikTok and Pinterest that it can buy for that amount? The only social network that could fit into that order of magnitude would be Twitter, and we hope they don’t acquire it.

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