PLA conducts South China Sea live-fire exercise against US Navy: Chinese PLA military fires missiles during South China Sea fire drill

Strong points:

China was flying US reconnaissance planes just miles from Chinese fireplanes during a fire drill in the South China Sea. Theft between the US and China could worsen again, the dispute over Taiwan has also been fixed
The Chinese military PLA has conducted missile fire exercises in the presence of US warships in the South China Sea. During this time, Chinese warships showed power and fired hundreds of missiles. Since then, it is speculated that even after Biden becomes President of the United States, the tension between the two countries will not abate. Not long before, the United States had sent its deadliest nuclear submarine to the USS Ohio on patrol in this area.

Practice attacking enemies with missiles
Chinese state media CCTV said that during this period, the Chinese Army’s Southern Theater Command trained to attack enemies at sea with missiles. However, this official Bhopu did not say when and where the exercise was conducted. The guided-missile destroyer Yinchuan, the guided-missile frigate Hengyang, the amphibious landing ship Wuzhison and the support ship Chagan Hu are reported to have participated in the exercise.

China Southern Theater Command conducted this exercise
It is the Chinese Army’s Southern Theater Command that guards Chinese waters in the South China Sea. China has deployed this theater command to deal with Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. This order includes over 500 different types of warships. It is claimed that US reconnaissance planes were also flying while China was doing this exercise.

US reconnaissance aircraft patrolling a short distance
A think tank named Strategic Location of the South China Sea claimed that a US reconnaissance plane flew near Chinese waters near Parsell Island. This Beijing think-tank said the flight of the USNS Impactable reconnaissance plane, which is only 323 kilometers from the Chinese mainland, is shocking. The plane had attempted to enter Chinese territory in an unusual way by flying close to Taiwan.

Tension increases in the South China Sea
This is the reason why the dispute between China and the United States continues to escalate. China and the United States face each other in the case of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet. US aircraft carriers and submarines are steadily increasing their patrols in the South China Sea. Sometimes two or two aircraft carriers simultaneously challenge Chinese might by reaching the South China Sea with full support.

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